Jose Segovia
professional photographer

Jose Segovia as born in Panama City and has 32 years of experience in the area of ​​Marketing, Advertising and Photography. I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising, a Postgraduate degree in Higher Education, a Postgraduate degree in Audiovisual Production specialist and a Master's degree in Film, Radio and Television Direction and Production, which has led me to work in Graphic Design and in the area of ​​Production, Creativity, Advertising and Photography.Passion is fundamental and for me photography is that, passion. It is not enough to have the best camera or a studio if you do not give something of yourself to each photograph, it is art captured in a instant, a combination of light and shadow that tells a story. To get to that you have to update yourself and take the good ideas of the grats, trasnform athem and make them yours.
If you give me the opportunity to carry out your projects, I will offer you my creativity, talent and professionalism. It will surely be the beginning of an excellent friendship.